YH-330NH : Filament Yarn Twisting Machine-3.0KG
1.Taking the highest electronic technology to change from the mechanical type into fully automatic computerized operation.
2.Operation become simple, the consumption parts and noise are less.
3.Improved structure and can be used for 3.0KG take up cone which can upgrade efficiency.
4.Machine comprises a superior quality electronic control system for setting.


Machine Style Double side with Single layer
No.of Spindle 128 Spindle, 16spindle/section
Spindle Pitch-mm 270mm
Speed of Spindle RPM 2000-10000 RPM
Twist Range TPM 50-3000TPM
Twisting direction S or Z
Feeding cone §42*420mm
Data Setting Touch Screen Setting
Power consumption 15KW+1.5KW+0.75KW
Take up system Electronic take up system
Max. Take up cone  <=3.0KG
Machine Layout L=207cm+225cm*Section, W=80cm, H=175cm


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