YH-310G : Filament Yarn Twisting Machine/
* YH-310G TFO twisting Machine can twist single or multi-ply filament according to technologic requirement.
* Application Multi Filament Polyester, Nylon, Viscose
* The twisting machine 310G is suitable for dyeing or setting cone twisting


Machine Style Double side with Double layer
No of Spindle 256
No of Spindle each section 32
Spindle Pitch-mm 225mm
Speed of Spindle 5000-10000RPM
Twist Range 150-2000TPM
Twisting direction S&Z
Travel of  forming 152
Supply Bobbin Size L300-320mm*§42mm
Bobbin Size of winding §160 §89*L165*L173mm
Angle of forming No
Spindle drive Tangential Belt
Machine Power 7.5kw*2
Machine layout 16750*750*1950mm


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