YH-150 : Multi Function Cone Winding Machine
* It is come with multi functions for various raw materials, such as metallic yarn rewinding, filament winding, spun winding.
* It is the after process machine for metallic yarn covering.



Working table Single Side
No. of Spindle 24 Spindle/Set(6 spindle/section)
Spindle Pitch-mm 300mm
Transmission Individual motor
Linear Velocity 150-400M/Min
Bobbin Capacity 0.75KGs
Traveler Max 200mm
Take up of Tube 3º30`, Stretch bobbin=§60*§56*230mm, §70.5*230mm
Power 2.88KW/24 Spindle
Speed RPM 1000-2500RPM
Layout 7800*845*1260mm


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