YH-146E/166E : Computerize Spun Yarn Twisting Machine
* Characteristics:
Taking the highest electronic technology to change into fully automatic computerized operation.
Operation becomes simple, take up forming become high quality and noise is less more. The data output from the computer is accurate.

* Application : Cotton, Spun polyester, filament with Spandex.
1. Computerize setting for twisting degrees without gears, noise is less
2. Take up finish forming by electronic, capacity is higher and shape is good for yarn warping.
3. The brake system take the driving belt apart, the spindles are independent. So they will not interfere with each other and keep the life of belt longer.
4. S & Z twisting direction can be set by computer.


Machine Style YH146E YH166E
No. of Spindle 128ends(16 spindle/section)
Size of Yarn pot §146*170mm §166*170mm/§166*230mm
Spindle Pitch-mm 225mm 260mm
Speed of Spindle 5000-12000RPM 5000-10000RPM
Twist Range 220-3000TPM 220-3000TPM
Twisting direction S & Z
Travel of forming 156mm 186mm
Take up bobbin 170mm 200mm
Angle of forming 10°51´~23°19
Machine layout L=1630+1830xN+160 W=820mm H=1580mm L=1760+2200xN+620 W=825mm H=1660mm

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