Metallic Yarn Covering Machine YH-116D
* The metallic Covering Machine is suitable for MX, MH type covered
* It is corded by Metallic Yarn and covered by Nylon, Polyester and others; it's depending on the operator.
* The MX, MH type are used for the fabric weaving and knitting.


Position single Covering 128 Double covering 256 Single Covering
Install Power 7.5/7.5KW 7.5/7.5KW
No. of Section 8
No. of spindle/Section 32
Spindle Pitch 200mm
Twist Rang 200~3500
Speed of Spindle RPM 7000-14000
Spindle Drive Tangential Belt
Speed Adjustment Inverter or Pulley
Take-up Packing-mm Straight Bobbin §60*§56*160mm or §69*§56*160mm
Take-up Packing-G <1000G
Take-up Forming Mechanical Forming
Twisting direction S.Z Twisting


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