YH-108 : High Speed Winding & Doubling Machine
YH108 Winding machine is the preceding equipment for twisting machine.
It is used to wind technical fiber, mixed fiber and so on.
It adopts computer control type with easily operation and high efficency.

1.Simple appearance, easy for maintenance
2.Integrated control by single board computer
3.Block structure design to meet various needs of customers
4.The exact and stable running



No.of Head 50-100 Ends(10Ends/Section)
Linear Velocity Max 700M/Min
Bobbin Size §42*320mm/§42*420mm
Winding Capacity 1.5KG/3KG
Driving Device Tangential Belt
Traveler Screw rod
Traveler motor 0.55KW
Driving motor 3KW(50End), 4KW(80End),5.5KW(100End)
Winding forming Cylindrical, Conical, Pineapple
Layout L=1500+1300mm*N, W=1250mm, H=1850mm


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