YH-330 : Cone to Cone Twisting Machine
1. Taking the highest electronic technology by fully automatic computerized operation.
2. Parameter setting easily, easily, improved the effciency and reduced the loss during production.
3. No need to Re-winding by specific bobbin, improve the efficiency and save time.
4. Without the gears driving, driving, machine running by low noise and precise.


  YH-330-3KG YH-330-5KG
Style Double size with Single Layer
No.of Spindle 128 Spindle,16 spindle/section 100 Spindle,10 spindle/section
Spindle pitch 275mm 345mm
Spindle RPM 3000-12000RPM
Yarn Pot §220mm
Twist TPM 60-1000TPM
Direction: S & Z
Twisting Set By PLC with inverter
Take up dia. L230mm*§250mm L290mm*§250mm
Power 15KW+1.5KW+0.75KW
Take up system Electronic Take up system
Max. Take up cone <=3.0KG <=5.5KG
Machine Layout L=207cm+225cm*N,W=80cm, H=175cm L=207cm+176cm*N,W=80cm, H=175cm


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