Computer control Fancy Yarn Machine(YH-08A-1-3DD)
This machine is suitable for one-step processing parallel yarn, loop yarn,wave yarn, slub yarn, knot yarn or fancy yarn with their mutual combination .

Raw material can be wool, linen, chemical fiber filament as roving, striped or yarn feeding .The production can be used for weaving, knitting, weaving.


All parameters can be set , amended ,stored and shown by PLC and human-machine operation. It controls 7 sets of frequent converter speed to make one-step fancy yarn .

Main parameter.

Spindle 128
Spindle pitch 150mm
Fiber length 60-190mm
weaves 1-30NM
Spindle Speed Max. 10000RPM
Machine Speed Max. 35m/min
Raise and Fall 270mm
Cone Size 250*90mm(According to customer)
Power 19.7kw
Dimension 12500*3400*2350mm

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