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Twisting, Covering & Yarn Winding Machine

Twisting Machine: The single or multi ply of yarn doubling together and Twisting Machine utilize the spindle rotary to reach the twisting degree. Machine is control by computerized so it can control the belt speed, spindle speed exactly and reach the exact twisting degree. The twisting direction can be S direction or Z direction or compound twisting including S and Z together. Also machine can control the winding speed to reach necessary tension. Covering Machine : There is one bobbin with yarn fixing on spindle and utilized the spindle rotary speed to cause one bollon which can covering the center cord to reach the covering yarn function. Normally the center cord will be spandex or latex and rigid yarn is available. Covering Machine is yarn process machine which very import for garment business. In order to covering excellent products, it need to control the cord feeding ration and winding speed which are controlled by computerized. Yarn Winding Machine: It utilizes the rotary drum to drive the empty cone which can be straight cone or conic cone. The yarn will be re-winding on new cone by Yarn Winding Machine. It can wind soft cone for dyeing purpose or wind hard cone for normal running purpose. The Yarn winding machine is very popular for all textile factories, however for big cone yarn to share some small cone or some small cone yarn collect in a big cone, the Yarn Winding Machine is with above function to do this job.
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