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With over 20 years of experience, Charming Star International Co., Ltd. continues to offer our clientele various types of textile machineries, raw material, textile commodities, green product and services.

The market is dynamic; through vertical integration, brainstorming, professional efficacy, enthusiastic service, and the latest intelligence, Charming Star endeavors to provide the most suitable products for our clients, thereby generating winning opportunities. We cherish everything we possess, and serve the clients from our sincere heart. 

The Factory of charming-star

the machine in charming-star

the charming-star exhibition


※ Carefully observe the needs of our clients; examine the quality and content of our products with high standards.
※ Humbly listen to and accept the opinions and criticisms of our clients.

※ Diligently monitor the pulse of the market, in order to continue superior competitiveness .

※ Patiently communicate with our clients, and begin from the perspective of the market, thereby providing objective and effective solutions.


staff in charming-star discuss the product situation

the charming-star stand Hangzhou

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